Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ok, I have seen a lot of posts on facebook lately BASHING fat people who think they are sexy. Im sorry, but just because you're fat, doesnt mean you arent sexy. "Sexy" isnt just defined by how your body looks. Its in how you present yourself and in how confident you are. The way your body looks is only a very small fraction of what defines sexy. Not only that, but what one person finds attractive, another might find repulsive. I know my husband thinks that boney, scrawny women are ugly, even if they have a pretty face.
Also, dont assume that, just because someone is fat, that they are lazy. I know for me, I cant lose weight on my own. It's very difficult. The doctors believe I have an illness that is causing this. I eat healthy, I work out, and I DONT do the fast food thing. Not everyone who is fat got that way on their own. Personally, I had a lot of trials in my life that helped lead to where I am. I was hit by a car when I was 12. I can only do so much before my knee and back say, "NO MORE!" I have 10 screws and a metal plate in my left femur, and arthritis in my lower back. I've had two reconstructive surgeries on my femur, and I've broken my neck in two places, which sometimes still gives me trouble. Im lucky to be walking. Hell, Im lucky to be alive. I have depression and PTSD (which is NOT just something that soldiers get), which also can cause weight gain. I have a lot of stress. I may have PCOS.
All of these are excuses, or at least they seem to be, but I can assure you that NO ONE has a right to say whether or not a fat person is lazy, because a lot of the time, its something else entirely.
Dont judge a book by its cover. Try reading a chapter or two.

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